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Apprenticeship Program





Location: Delcastle Technical High School

Times: Monday & Wednesday (6:30-9:30pm)

4-Year Program 




Welding 1 : Course # 261

This course will cover the NCCER Core Curriculum and Level 1 which includes: welding safety; oxy-fuel cutting; base metal preparation; weld quality; SMAW equipment and setup, electrodes and selection, beads and fillet welds, groove welds with backing, open V-groove welds, open root pipe welds; plus joint fit-up and alignment.



Welding 2 : Course # 262 

This 150-hour course will use the curriculum developed by NCCER.  Participants will review shop and welding safety procedures.  Participants will practice SMAW multi-position groove welds, plate and pipe, reading welding symbols, drawings and practice joint fit up and alignment. 



Welding 3 : Course # 263 

This 150-hour course based on NCCER curriculum including safety practices, GMAW and FCAW equipment setup and use, practice multi position plate welds.  Introduction to Basic Plasma Arc cutting, and GTAW equipment and basic welding procedures. 



Welding 4 : Course # 264 

This 150-hour course based on NCCER curriculum that indicates: GTAW carbon steel pipe multi-position welding, introduction to GTAW stainless and aluminum multi-position pipe welding.