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At New Castle County Vo-Tech's AED, we believe Registered Apprenticeship is the best way to learn a skilled trade and earn the most saught-after industry recognized credential, the Journeyperson Certificate. Apprenticeship is a highly desirable form of training for workers because it allows for learning job skills while earning an income that progresses throughout the duration of the program. A Registered Apprenticeship Program is based upon a three way written agreement between the apprentice, the sponsoring employer, and the Department of Labor. Registered Apprenticeship is a formal system of learning that combines daily hands-on training through a sponsoring employer known as OJT (on-the-job training) and trade-related classroom instruction known as RTI (related technical instruction). NCCVT's AED offers DOL-approved Apprenticeship RTI Programs for The State of Delaware and our surrounding states. Once registered as an apprentice with DOL, the apprentices' employer sponsor and DOL track the apprentice's OJT hours and we track and report apprentices' RTI hours. Once the required OJT and RTI for the program is satisfied, DOL will issue the apprentice a Journeyperson Certificate. Most traditional trades require 576 RTI hours and 8,000 OJT hours to earn the Journeyperson Certificate. NCCVT's AED RTI Apprenticeship Programs are open to both Registered Apprentices and Non-Registered Apprentices/Technical Training Students (Please see Technical Training description for more information regarding the difference between Registered Apprentices and Technical Training Students).
All AED Related Theory Instruction (RTI) Programs are available to both Registered Apprentices and Non-registered Apprentices. A Non-registered Apprentice can enroll in one or more of our AED RTI Programs as a Technical Training Student. Technical Training Students differ from Registered Apprentices because they lack a qualified employer sponsor for the program, which means they cannot complete the On-The­-Job Training (OJT) hour requirement for their particular Program, but they do receive the same rigorous RTI as a Registered Apprentice. Technical Training Students must abide by the same rules, regulations, and high expectations as Registered Apprentices because upon completion of the RTI Program, they will receive an AED Diploma, which is an official document that signifies the completion of the RTI portion of the Apprenticeship Program and is recognized for life by the Delaware's Department of Labor and other state agencies. While attending classes, our technical training students have access to job placement assistance through our Job Placement Coordinator, who helps connect students with employers in their field of study and facilitate the Registered Apprenticeship process.
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